iPhone survives 16,000-ft drop from Alaska Airlines

A social media user enthusiastically shares a remarkable tale of discovering an iPhone in pristine condition.
Miraculously surviving a 16,000-foot freefall from an Alaska Airlines flight that experienced a mid-air blowout.
Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 faced a tense situation on Friday (5 January) as it had to execute an emergency landing in Oregon.
The reason? A window and a chunk of the fuselage blew out shortly after takeoff.
On a positive note, a user on X platform joyfully posted on Sunday, asserting that they stumbled upon an iPhone on the ground, still in airplane mode – presumably sucked out of the plane’s blown-out window.
The post from @SeanSafyre on X read, “Found an iPhone on the side of the road… Still in airplane mode with half a battery and open to a baggage claim for #AlaskaAirlines ASA1282 Survived a 16,000-foot drop perfectly intact!”
The man behind the discovery, Sean Bates, shared the news that he promptly reported the find to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), learning that it was the second phone to be recovered.
A subsequent post by Bates included a snapshot of the iPhone, featuring a broken-off charger plug still embedded in it.
Image credit: SeanSafyre / X
In a lighthearted TikTok video, Bates shared the story of his leisurely walk when he stumbled upon the iPhone.
He recalled, “I was, of course, a little skeptical at first. I was thinking this could just be thrown out of a car or someone dropped it while they were jogging… but it was still pretty clean.
No scratches on it, sitting under a bush, and it didn’t have a screen lock on it. So I opened it up, and it was in airplane mode with a travel confirmation and baggage claim for Alaska 1282.”
Adding a touch of disbelief, news surfaced about a gold iPhone 15 case that costs more than a motorcycle.

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