Samsung Galaxy S24 colors: every rumored colors, including S24 Plus and Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 line is fast approaching, with all three models – specifically the Galaxy S24, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – rumored to be launching on January 17.
We’ve been hearing a lot about them lately, though nothing official. The trio has been subject to extensive leaks, a common occurrence leading up to their launch.
Among the numerous details that have surfaced, there’s speculation about the potential colors these three phones might come in, which are outlined below.
It’s important to note that the colors haven’t been officially confirmed yet, so there’s a possibility that some information might be inaccurate or the list could be incomplete.
However, this compilation is based on the information we’ve gathered so far, and we’ll keep this article updated with any additional color-related leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S24 and Samsung Galaxy S24 plus colors

Onyx Black

Image credit: Android Headlines
It comes as no shock that black is being considered as a potential color choice, given its status as one of the most favored smartphone hues. Notably, the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus are already available in this shade, as depicted above.
For these devices, the designated official name is Phantom Black, and there’s a likelihood that it might retain that title with the Galaxy S24.
However, alternative sources such as Windows Report and Android Headlines suggest that this particular Galaxy S24 variant could be named Onyx Black instead.
Interestingly, it might exhibit a slightly lighter tone compared to Phantom Black, as indicated by an image provided above.

Marble Gray

Image credit: Android Headlines
Sources like Android Headlines and Windows Report hint at the upcoming Galaxy S24 model donning the moniker “Marble Gray,” inviting us to envisage its aesthetic through the captivating images provided above.

Cobalt Violet

Image credit: Android Headlines
The next rumored shade is violet, which should be a bit more colorful. This isn’t something Samsung offered the Galaxy S23 in, though the company is a fan of purples, with that phone being available in lavender, so we’d think something along these lines is likely.

Amber Yellow

Image credit: Android Headlines
Yellow has been rumored too, and could be among the brightest shades the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus are available in.


Image credit: Samsung
The shades above will reportedly be widely available, but Samsung usually also offers some colors exclusively in its online store, and orange is said to be one of these.

Samsung Galaxy 24 Ultra colors

Whispers suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra might just spoil you for choice with seven different, fabulous shades!


Check out all the juicy rumored options below, and hey, we’ve got our ear to the ground. If there’s any fresh news on colors, we’ll dish it out right here. Mark your calendars – the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup is rumored to touch down on January 17.

Titanium Gray

The hue in question, described as Gray, or possibly Titanium Gray, has consistently surfaced in discussions from the same sources mentioned earlier.
Once again, unanimity prevails, making it highly probable that this shade will indeed be on the menu.
It wouldn’t be surprising at all, given the widespread popularity of gray as a phone color, and Samsung’s penchant for offering such options, as exemplified by the Graphite shade on the Galaxy S23 Ultra pictured above.

Titanium Black

Black emerges as undoubtedly the most widespread and popular choice for smartphones, making it unsurprising that rumors suggest a version of it for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.
Referred to as Titanium Black by one source, the same channels that discussed the aforementioned shades also hinted at a black model.

Titanium Yellow

The final member of the Titanium color spectrum we’ve caught wind of is Titanium Yellow, and it appears to be the most vibrant among the Titanium selections, as indicated by the image featured earlier from Windows Report.
Consistently cited by the same sources as the previously mentioned shades, the likelihood of Titanium Yellow making an appearance is high, although it’s worth noting that yellow isn’t a color Samsung frequently incorporates into its phone lineup.

Light blue

The previously mentioned color options have been consistently reported by the same set of four sources.
However, there’s also talk of a light blue or blue shade from two of those sources, specifically @UniverseIce (referring to it simply as ‘blue’) and Ross Young, who specifies it as light blue and mentions that this particular hue might be exclusively available on Samsung’s online store.

Light green

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