Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra beat the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will launch in January. Much like its predecessor, it is poised to contend for the top spot on our list of best phones. However, the true test lies in surpassing the capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
While Apple’s latest flagship may not exhibit drastic external changes, a closer look reveals enhancements, particularly in the camera department with the inclusion of a 5x telephoto camera. The device also boasts the formidable A17 Pro chip and introduces a new Action button.
Although early rumors suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra might not represent a groundbreaking departure from its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung has a history of surprising users with innovative features during its product launches.
Anticipating this trend, we expect the S24 Ultra to unveil some unique capabilities that will set it apart in the competitive smartphone market.


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In the ongoing competition between Samsung and Apple for camera supremacy, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has certainly earned its stripes as the zoom champion.
However, when it comes to standard photos, there’s a case to be made that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max outshine it with superior color control, contrast, and overall consistency.
Throughout several iterations, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy phones have consistently captured images with natural-looking colors while maintaining dynamic appeal.
Yet, there’s room for improvement in ensuring a consistent level of quality across a series of shots.
Where iPhones have managed to pull ahead of their Android counterparts is in the realm of video recording. iPhones consistently deliver top-notch videos, to the extent that content creators, including YouTubers, opt for them to produce visually impressive content.
This presents an opportunity for Samsung to enhance its video quality, particularly by leveraging its array of rear cameras. Implementing smart sensor-fusion techniques could potentially enable the cameras to collaboratively produce videos with a natural look, enhanced details, and striking contrast.

 Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra have more Polished Display

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In my view, the Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts one of the finest smartphone displays in the market. However, the Pro-model iPhones have been sporting 120Hz displays for three generations now, featuring Super Retina XDR displays that deliver stunning colors, contrast, and brightness. The added advantage of the scratch-resistant Ceramic Shield coating enhances their durability.

Looking ahead, I anticipate that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will continue the trend of impressive displays. Excitingly, there are rumors circulating about a potential 144Hz refresh rate, a feature typically associated with top-tier gaming phones.
If this pans out, the Galaxy S24 Ultra could set a new benchmark for exceptionally smooth displays in flagship smartphones. Personally, I’m also hoping for a screen that not only matches but surpasses both the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Google Pixel 8 Pro in terms of peak brightness. Here’s to an even more remarkable visual experience!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Battery life

(Image credit: Sogi
Galaxy S24 Ultra could beat the iPhone 15 Pro Max by offering notably better battery life. iPhones have built a reputation for delivering the promised battery life or even surpassing it, a feat that Galaxy flagships have occasionally struggled to match.
There’s some intriguing buzz suggesting that the Galaxy S24 Ultra might embrace a battery design inspired by the stacked-battery configurations found in electric vehicles.
If these speculations turn out to be true, there’s a chance that the S24 Ultra could set a fresh standard for battery life among Android phones. Exciting times ahead!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra AI tools

The upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to heavily rely on generative AI, showcasing capabilities beyond just handling on-the-fly translations. If implemented effectively, this approach could equip the Galaxy S24 Ultra with AI-powered tools comparable to those found in the Pixel 8 Pro.

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One notable feature, akin to the Pixel’s Magic Editor, could empower users to intelligently recompose photos without requiring advanced Photoshop skills.
Considering that the iPhone 15 Pro Max lacks substantial generative AI tools, the Galaxy S24 has the potential to outsmart the competition in terms of innovative capabilities.

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