Samsung Galaxy S24’s AI smarts could detect when you’re typing angry texts

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI feature could detect typing angry texts and then change the text’s tone.

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S24: AI Integration Buzz

The rumor mill surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S24 continues to churn, and the latest whispers suggest a significant leap with the integration of AI features into the Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes app.
As the tech world eagerly anticipates the first Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for January 17, where the spotlight will be on the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, tech informant Alvin on X claims to possess inside information about the AI capabilities expected in these upcoming flagship devices. Notably, Samsung has already coined the term “AI Phone,” hinting at advanced AI features for its imminent releases.

AI-Powered Samsung Keyboard: A Glimpse into Future Functionality

According to Alvin’s revelations, the Samsung Keyboard is poised to harness the power of AI. Expect functionalities such as web page summarization, tone detection for sentences, the ability to switch the tone of a sentence, and automatic conversion of scribbles in Samsung Notes into other formats like emails or text invitations.
While Alvin, known for a reasonable track record, alludes to additional AI features in the Galaxy S24 phones, specific details remain elusive. Speculation suggests the possibility of AI-focused tools, akin to the Magic Editor found on Google Pixel 8 phones, potentially revolving around photography.

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Software Realm Dominance: Key Enhancements in the Galaxy S24 Lineup

As leaks and rumors circulate regarding the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra, coupled with design speculations for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it appears that the primary enhancements may lie in the software realm. Riding the wave of generative AI, where AI goes beyond assisting with tasks and image recognition to create new content, Samsung and Google are embracing its potential in smartphones.
The Galaxy S24 family is poised to pioneer onboard AI for Android phones in 2024, introducing features facilitating the intelligent generation of dynamic photos, holiday plans, or message responses reflecting an individual’s tone or personality.

The AI Controversy: Acknowledging Manipulative Capabilities

While the promise of advanced AI capabilities raises excitement, concerns about potential manipulative uses of AI linger. It’s crucial to recognize that AI has been part of phones for years, with many photos undergoing substantial image processing to compensate for the limitations of small sensors and lenses.
This reality challenges the notion of photos being entirely realistic from the outset. Regardless of personal opinions on AI, the impending Galaxy S24 reveal, just a few days away, promises to offer a firsthand look at the intelligence these smartphones may usher in.

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