Samsung might introduce chargers alongside the Galaxy S24, but don’t expect them for free

As we eagerly approach the much-anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 scheduled for January 17.
Speculations are rife about the company unveiling innovative charging technology alongside its upcoming S-series smartphones.
According to reliable leaker Roland Quandt (@rquandt), two new chargers are expected to debut, though somewhat disappointingly, the fastest among them is rumored to peak at 50W.
Quandt details that the 50W charger, equipped with two fast-charging USB-C ports, would represent Samsung’s speediest charging solution to date.
Additionally, he mentions a second charger, a 45W model, deemed an upgraded iteration of the existing charger for the Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Should Samsung indeed reveal these new chargers at its Galaxy Unpacked event, it remains uncertain whether they will be included in the packaging of the new S24 phones.
Regarding the pricing of the Galaxy S24, our only reference currently lies in the cost of previous Samsung chargers, starting from an additional $49.99 / £39 / AU$69.
It’s worth noting that Samsung discontinued the practice of bundling chargers with new phones in 2021, a decision made in alignment with the company’s commitment to reducing electronic waste.
This move followed the footsteps of Apple, which ceased including chargers with new iPhones as early as the iPhone 12 in 2020.
As part of similar eco-friendly initiatives that also extended to omitting accessories like earphones.

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